“I Lost About 10 Kilos (22 Pounds) in Less Than Three Months and It Stayed Off”

Before and after

Before and after

Jason struggled with weight loss, low energy and constantly being hungry – even though he was doing ‘everything right’. He blamed his failed efforts to lose weight on “either drinking too much wine or eating too much food”.

Hearing about high glycemic foods caused him to change his mind somewhat – but it wasn’t enough. When he found Diet Doctor however, things really started to change:

Dear Dr. Andreas,

I would like to thank you for such a brilliant and helpful website as Diet Doctor. It helped me find the truth about my health amongst all the misleading information in the world.

For many years I found it difficult to function at my previous job for 20 years. I weighed in at around 84 kilos (185 lbs) and was always hungry and had no energy despite trying to fill myself with cereals like porridge etc. An hour or so later I would be hungry again. I also had very bad mood swings and confusion. Would over worry about things I could not control and couldn’t concentrate on my work as a delivery person because my mind was here and there all the time.

When I met my partner, I resigned from that job and moved away to the south coast of England. I had tried all sorts of ways of losing weight in the past and always blamed everything on either drinking too much wine or eating too much food. I did eat a lot of bread and pasta but followed a plan of eating lots of fruit for breakfast and vegetables. It seemed everybody in the world believed in breakfast.

Diet Doctor explained to me in simple terms what insulin does to the body in excess and then it started to make sense for me

I stumbled onto Dr. William Davis’s website about high glycemic foods particularly wheat grains and knew he was on to something but felt later that it wasn’t the complete answer to the riddle. Diet Doctor explained to me in simple terms what insulin does to the body in excess and then it started to make sense for me and although I was worried I would not lose weight and it wouldn’t work. I took a leap of faith because it felt to me that the big food companies and many so called nutritionists were deliberately keeping the truth from people and stuck on the treadmill (literally). I used to go to the gym three times a week and saw myself, and my friends and relatives not losing any weight. I gave it all up .

Since I have been low carb high fat I lost about 10 kilos (22 lbs) in less than three months and it stayed off. I can still have a regular low-carb drink too.

Here are before and after pics. One taken the summer before last and the one of me next to the moog synthesizer not long before Christmas this year. I am now 73 kilos (161 lbs). By the way, I love the organ music on your video where you drink the jug of cream (that’s my job now, an organ player in Brighton). If I knew what I knew now when I was a postman I would have probably found it much less of a struggle. Unfortunately, there wasn’t the kind of information such as Diet Doctor back then. 😊

Best wishes and Happy New Year,


Fantastic Jason!

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